Sunday, March 6, 2011

O's art

O is three years and five months old, and she's making some super duper cool art. I've posted all of these on the big FB, and thought that these awesome works of O art should kick off the blog of our little projects and daily goings-on. O is a kid who does everything balls-to-the-wall, without hesitation.

O's self-portrait:

She said that inside her head there are brains.

Her drawing from the same day of me:

O says that in this drawing I'm running.
Our new rescue dog, Maxx:
The shape behind him is a rock he's walking near.

Here she is with the real dood-le:

I think the likeness is pretty striking!

Our frizzle Cochin, Echo:

She was very concerned that Echo's toes and claws make it into the picture, which gave her some trouble because the legs are "people legs". She made the tail as a round blob at first, then asked me how to make it "fluffy".

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